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"Recipes on a website about Structured Facilitation and Facilitator Training?"


Gary Rush, IAF CPF now MGR Consulting is Back!  by Millie Rush

Gary Rush Leader in Facilitator Training since 1985, Founder & CEO of MG Rush Systems, in 2004 ceased operations of MG Rush Systems and left the U.S. to pursue his dream of becoming a restaurateur - MG Rush dba Miracles Restaurant, a critically acclaimed restaurant in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"Gary believes that pursuing dreams keeps us alive and growing. That our dreams provide synergies and lessons in life that we use as we pursue new goals and that it is never a mistake to pursue our dreams - it is a mistake not to."


In 2005, after a one year absence, Gary returned to consulting reinstating MG Rush Systems, but because he had signed an addendum that provided Kevin Booth, Founder, and Terrence Metz of Morgan Madison & Co. (not affiliated with Gary Rush, IAF CPF), the exclusive use of "MG Rush" identity - name, logo, internet domain, electronic mail addresses and telephone numbers, and non-exclusive use of customer and prospect customer list (did not constitute acquisition of "MG Rush Systems" or "Gary Rush", or 30+ years of creative achievements), he changed his company name from MG Rush Systems to MGR Consulting.


"The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

FoCuSeD facilitation Logo Gary Rush, IAF CPF now MGR consulting, is back with a new identity! - new company name, new internet domain:, new telephone # 773-330-2064, new logo, new lessons learned, new ideas, tools and concepts, and a new product - FoCuSeD™ facilitation - the ultimate structured facilitation technique - a revolution from FAST facilitation (a proprietary product created by Gary), but with the same values, mission and vision, to continue his legacy as a recognized leader in the field of Structured Facilitation and Facilitator Training.

So, Gary is also a chef (read our FoCuSeD™ Facilitator eNewsletter Pursuing Dreams).gary rush

As a Chef he adds recipes to complement the season. Check out his recipes and let us know what you think - contact us.

miracles restaurant


MG Rush dba "Miracles" Restaurant