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FoCuSeDLogoWe provide our expertise in developing Facilitation Training Programs, Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Business Data Modeling.

  • Business Analysis - Our philosophy is that a FoCuSeD™ Business Analyst, one who facilitates requirements elicitation, is more successful if he or she is able to guide their group through a facilitation process to accomplish their task. We can facilitate your business analysis, help you tie this into Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma, Lean, DevOps, and other methods, as well as teach your Business Analysts "how to" facilitate and develop effective and engaging requirements elicitation. See The Facilitative Business Analyst


  • Strategic Planning - Our philosophy is to make Strategic Planning Agile - involving all stakeholders to develop consensus and support for a plan that becomes an ongoing process - not an event. We can facilitate as well as teach your organization "how to" develop a clear and effective Strategic Plan. See Applying Agile Concepts to Strategic Planning


  • Business Data Modeling - Our philosophy is that business data models need to be developed by the business, for the business, and about the business. This requires not only engaging the business community in the modeling process, but making it a process that is clear, understandable to those involved, and effective. We can facilitate your business data modeling, help you tie this into Agile or other methods, as well as teach your staff "how to" facilitate and develop effective and engaging business data models. See Making Business Data Modeling Easy


FoCuSeDLogo "A FoCuSeD™ Organization is the ultimate Collaborative Organization, one that, through facilitation, engages its workforce in effective communication and decision-making."


  • FoCuSeD™ Organization - We have designed numerous FoCuSeD™ facilitation courses with the organization in mind. We can take any of our course content from basic to extensive to advanced, and develop a custom program based on your organization's need both in terms of content as well as in terms of number of training days and number of participants. Read more...


"We offer fixed fee proposals depending on the scope and duration of the project." Contact Gary...


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