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Gary Rush

"Our Facilitator Services improve client business performance through effective application of state-of-the-art structured facilitation processes. "



We have been facilitating since 1983. We facilitate many types of workshops involving a wide variety of processes, issues and number of participants. Our primary goal is to get a group of individuals to form as a team, learn to communicate, and achieve a goal or accomplish a task. Workshops and projects facilitated by us have increased productivity resulting in a 20% to 40% reduction in effort required to gather information. We successfully tie our extensive facilitating experience with our knowledge of:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Project Management
  • Product Ideation
  • Process Modeling
  • Business Requirements
  • Data Modeling
  • Methodologies
  • and other processes to deliver a complete useful solution that is developed by engaging the appropriate stakeholders to reach consensus based decisions.

    Content Knowledge and the Facilitator...


    Occasionally, when clients ask us to facilitate workshops/meetings they begin by asking, “Have you worked in the XXX industry in the past?”. They are looking for content knowledge, much as they would if they were hiring a consultant. This needs to change. Facilitators don't need to know content, that is the responsibility of the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - the participants. The Facilitator needs to be a Process Expert. When you hire Facilitators, hire based on his or her ability to actively listen, process experience, preparation skills (which are critical to ensure the workshop/meeting is designed to accomplish what the group needs to accomplish) and whether or not he or she is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator (CPF). Effective Facilitators, as Process Experts can facilitate successfully in any XXX industry. Read more...


    Our Workshop Process

    We believe in thorough preparation and do not take on facilitation efforts without it. We interview the client and potential Participants – we believe in the wisdom of the group. We use our array of skills and tools to facilitate workshops encouraging participation from all participants, using Active Listening to ensure communication and understanding while guiding participants to consensus.

    Our Team

    We have teamed with Al Rush and Sean Rush to provide well-trained, conscientious, and experienced Facilitators and Trainers. MGR Consulting is surrounded by a network of Facilitators that have been trained by Gary Rush, IAF CPF, and are qualified to meet the required needs.


    Additionally, we provide high-quality Co-Facilitators to capture the decisions and input from the workshop process. Do not overlook the importance of the Documentation Process. The document produced from a FoCuSeD™ workshop provides the raw data for project deliverables. If not documented, it did not happen.guy