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FoCuSeD Facilitation"Some Facilitator training programs provide "people" skills that enable people to work together, but don't teach "how to" build a product. Other Facilitator training programs provide "process" skills that enable people to build a product, but don't teach "how to" enable people to work together."

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It's time to get FoCuSeD™!

Until FoCuSeD™, facilitation techniques have been either about "process" or "people" skills. FoCuSeD™ contains a unique concept for developing structured agendas with an understanding of the two parallel developments occurring, "the workshop/meeting process and the emotional group cycle", that must be holistically planned to achieve collaborative useful solutions - the ultimate structured facilitation technique. It is not sufficient to select an agenda and then insert exercises in different steps and hope that it works. FoCuSeD™ defines the seamless integration of process and group dynamics expanding processes to cover any group activity applicable in business and in life. It guides you, enabling you to plan the emotional group cycle along with the workshop/meeting process - one without the other is fruitless. The workshop/meeting process and the emotional group cycle must be planned in parallel - the overall process design must be holistic. This is the essence of FoCuSeD™

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  • Facilitation is about collaboration and applies in all areas in business and in life – anytime a group of people needs to work together, make a decision, solve a problem, or complete a task – they need to collaborate.

  • In every workshop/meeting, there are always two parallel developments occurring – the development of the workshop/meeting process and the development of the emotional group cycle. Both must be holistically and simultaneously planned to achieve Collaborative useful Solutions.


  • embracing Diversity - consider the whole person. Know and understand the social identity of people around you to bring a group together and reach consensus.


FoCuSeD facilitation Logo FoCuSeD™ – a revolution in structured facilitation. It's the future of Facilitation.

FoCuSeD facilitation Logo FoCuSeD™ guides you enabling you to plan the emotional group cycle along with the workshop/meeting process.

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FoCuSeD facilitation Logo FoCuSeD™ enables communication to create collaborative useful solutions.

"A Facilitator is a content-neutral task leader who forms a group of people into a collaborative team supporting consensus and uses a range of processes to enable the group to accomplish their task. The Facilitator is responsible for the context." (Rush, 2013)

FoCuSeD™ facilitation is a structured process to follow enabling a group to come together and accomplish good work. Basic elements are:


  • A content neutral Facilitator using effective processes and active listening to enable a group to make effective decisions. The Facilitator has knowledge about people skills and process skills that enable him or her to guide the group to consensus.


  • The Participants are respected and empowered. The wisdom of the group is greater than the wisdom of a single individual - collectively, they build on each other.


  • A well-defined structured Agenda is established and followed with processes, group norms and people tools to help groups overcome barriers while supporting a respectful collaborative environment.


FoCuSeD facilitation Logo FoCuSeD™ expands the use of structured facilitated workshops/meetings to any situation in business and in life.