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Trainer: Gary Rush, IAF CPF

FoCuSeD Facilitation"Our flagship FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Training class provides state-of-the-art in structured facilitation methodology."

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This 5-day highly interactive class teaches you not only “how to”; it also teaches you to understand the "why" so that you can perform effectively. FoCuSeD guides you, enabling you to plan the emotional group cycle along with the workshop/meeting process enabling communication to create collaborative useful solutions - one without the other is fruitless. This class covers situations encompassing all types of workshops/meetings. It covers effective Facilitator skills and tools necessary to facilitate any situation in business and in life. It is the most complete, most comprehensive, and most effective facilitation training class available, providing detailed training on the concepts of Holistic Facilitation. It helps build your skills and confidence - it develops collaborative Leaders.

"This class is ideal for all people including Business Analysts, Data Modelers, Project Managers, Consultants, Facilitators, Leaders..."


Until FoCuSeD, facilitation techniques have been either about process or people skills. FoCuSeDcontains a unique concept for developing structured agendas with an understanding of the two parallel developments occurring, "the workshop/meeting process and the emotional group cycle", that must be holistically planned to achieve collaborative useful solutions - the ultimate structured facilitation technique. It is not sufficient to select an agenda and then insert exercises in different steps and hope that it works. See It's time to get FoCuSeD™ .


FoCuSeD provides guidance as well as specific tested structured agendas to enable consistency in any type of workshop/meeting. FoCuSeD is an approach to information gathering where group workshops/meetings replace individual interviews. FoCuSeD fully integrates methodologies with communication and group dynamics to derive consensus-based information.


"The FoCuSeD Facilitator Academy class devotes 50% of class time to People Skills and 50% of class time to Process Skills providing balanced, holistic learning."


We believe that the process to build agendas and deal with people is the same whether you are dealing with business, technical, or any type of subject. We believe that theory is needed and teach it to provide a background. We teach specific "how to"; we provide detailed People and Process tools and, as an IAF CPF Assessor, Gary covers the IAF Core Facilitator Competencies and what students need to learn to achieve them. To be a successful Facilitator you learn by doing. In our class students practice 40% of the class time and receive comprehensive assessments along with recorded sessions facilitated by the student.logo


This class is available publicly and on-site anywhere in the world. Please contact us for additional information, pricing, and scheduling.

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FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Academy Class Alumnus - 2018

"I am typically very critical and do not give such great scores, but this, by far, one of my favorite trainings in years. Thank you Gary!"

Joe, Project Manager - 2018 FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Academy alumnus


The FoCuSeD Facilitator Guide


The FoCuSeDFacilitator Guide by Gary Rush, IAF CPF - a radical departure from previous work. A comprehensive reference manual in which Gary shares his step-by-step process so that students can replicate his practices.


Some Key Features are:


  • Comprehensive Facilitator tools.
  • Cookbook Processes fully described using an Annotated Agenda format.
  • Our unique FoCuSeD™ Holistic Parallel Process Development - this critical process enables the Facilitator to seamlessly integrate the workshop/meeting process to build a product parallel to the emotional group cycle.


Class Abstract


Five (5) Days


This class covers situations encompassing all types of workshops/meetings. It covers effective Facilitator skills and tools necessary to facilitate any situation in business and in life.


  • What is Facilitation? What’s the history? When is it used?
  • What do Facilitators do? How does this fit with your job?
  • How do you deal with people – the good, the bad, and the ugly?
  • Where do diversity, inclusivity, and thinking/learning styles fit?
  • How do you design a Holistic Process?
  • How do you build an effective Annotated Agenda?
  • How do you fit facilitated workshops/meetings into projects using different methods - e.g., Waterfall, Agile, etc.?
  • How do you structure facilitated workshops/meetings for a variety of business situations?
  • How do you fit facilitated workshops/meetings into any situation in business and in life?


The FoCuSeDFacilitator Academy is designed so that the students will be able to:


  • Perform as effective FoCuSeD Facilitators immediately upon completion.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of FoCuSeD, its components and processes.
  • Know "how to" incorporate their new skills and tools to enhance their job skills.
  • Facilitate a variety of workshops/meetings - including Strategic Planning, Project Planning, Process Modeling, Data Modeling, IT business requirements, etc.
  • Demonstrate a level of proficiency in basic facilitation skills.
  • Use effective FoCuSeD Facilitator skills in business and in life.
  • Understand the IAF Core Facilitator Competencies and what they need to learn to achieve them. See IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator | The Process


Each student receives:


  • PDF version of The FoCuSeDFacilitator Guide by Gary Rush, IAF CPF
  • Class handouts with agenda and exercises.
  • A recording of two workshops facilitated by the student.
  • Confidential Assessment and Class Certificate of Completion