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Trainer: Gary Rush, IAF CPF

FoCuSeD Facilitation"A Business Analyst, one who facilitates requirements elicitation, is more successful if he or she is able to guide the group through a facilitation process to accomplish their task than one who uses individual interviews. It has been proven that requirements elicitation can be done in 1/4th the amount of time – that’s a 4-to-1 improvement in productivity that comes with an even greater increase in quality and develops a collaborative relationship between the client and BA that helps ensure the success of the project." See Business Analysis Skills

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Methods, such as Agile, Waterfall, Lean, Six Sigma, Scrum, and others, rely on harvesting the collective knowledge and wisdom of an organization while driving innovation and new thinking. These methods also require the practitioner to follow rigorous approaches to ensure quality outcomes. The drawbacks:


  • The wrong people participate.
  • Practitioners don't prepare properly.
  • Practitioners use the wrong or inappropriate tools.
  • Problems are poorly defined and scoped so practitioners solve the wrong problems.
  • Groups are not able to reach consensus.

How do you harvest the knowledge of the organization and avoid the drawbacks? Through effective structured facilitation. That's where FoCuSeD™ Business Analyst comes in. Let me show you "how to" harvest the collective knowledge and wisdom of an organization, drive innovation, and avoid the drawbacks.

"The FoCuSeD™ Business Analyst devotes equal class time to Soft Skills and to Process Skills providing balanced, holistic learning and practice 40% of the class time."


This 3-day highly interactive class teaches you not only "how to"; it also teaches you to understand the “why” to facilitate effective and engaging requirements elicitation and shows you how facilitation fits within your role - see The Facilitative Business Analyst. FoCuSeD Business Analyst covers effective facilitation skills and appropriate tools necessary in business analysis using any method. It builds your skills and develops Collaborative Leaders. logo


"This class is ideal for all Business Analysts including those pursuing a Business Analyst career."

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This class is available publicly and on-site anywhere in the world. Please contact us for additional information, pricing, and scheduling.



Class Abstract


Three (3) Days


This class covers effective facilitation skills and appropriate tools necessary in business analysis using any method.


  • What is facilitated Business Analysis?
  • How does facilitation fit with your role and methodology?
  • How do you deal with people – the good, the bad, and the ugly?
  • How do you design a structured process that supports your methodology?
  • How do you build an effective Annotated Agenda?


FoCuSeDBusiness Analyst is designed so that the students will be able to:


  • Perform as effective FoCuSeD Business Analysts immediately upon completion.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of FoCuSeD, its components and processes.
  • Know "how to" incorporate facilitation skills and tools to enhance their job skills.
  • Conduct a variety of facilitated sessions that support any method.
  • Use effective FoCuSeD facilitation skills in requirements elicitation.


Each student receives:


  • PDF version of the FoCuSeD Business Analyst by Gary Rush, IAF CPF
  • Class Certificate of Completion