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In February 1985, Gary Rush founded MG Rush Systems now named MGR Consulting to provide the type of consulting support most needed in development centers: productivity measurements, interactive design techniques, estimation, and development center strategies. Within 6 months, he added Facilitator training with the introduction of FAST- Facilitated Application Specification Technique - The FAST Session Leader Workshop class - a structured facilitation technique (a proprietary product created and developed by Gary) after extensive research and experience conducting JAD workshops. He focused on group facilitation and Facilitator training becoming the leader trainer for structured facilitation having implemented his facilitation technique at numerous companies, including some of the largest in the world. While writing the manual, he wrote an article "A FAST Way to Define System Requirements", describing the different variations of JAD. He sent the article to Computerworld and they published it. The Computerworld article came out on October 7, 1985, two weeks after Gary taught his first public FAST Session Leader Workshop class.


FoCuSeD facilitation Logo "In June 2007, Gary revolutionized FAST by creating FoCuSeD™ facilitation and the FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Academy - the 1st Holistic Facilitation Technique."

All FAST Facilitation Newsletters were written by Gary Rush, IAF CPF, MG Rush Systems now MGR Consulting. They contain valuable information covering Group Facilitation, Facilitation Tools and many more topics. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

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