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"Gary Rush Facilitation - on-line classes will give you the skills to work with a group of people to produce better results."

The future requires a Collaborative skill-set. I've been reading about automation, technology, robotics, AI, big data, etc., and I found these emerging trends interesting and useful, but what does this mean for future jobs? Read more...


"Really enjoyed the facilitation skills class, some things I knew but there is a lot of information that I didn't know and I will be using the skills that you taught in my daily activities."


Duvane, IT Project Manager - Online FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills alumnus

Class Abstract

This self paced on-line class teaches the necessary skills to facilitate a workshop / meeting and sets the foundation for your Group Facilitation Skills. It covers:


  • What is facilitation and when is it used.
  • What do facilitators do?
  • “How to” present yourself effectively.
  • “How to” actively listen.
  • “How to” ask effective questions.
  • “How to” improve your communication.
  • Neutrality - staying focused on the process.


This on-line class is designed so that the students will be able to:


  • Demonstrate an understanding of Facilitation and its history.
  • Describe how to initiate, run, and close a workshop.
  • Describe why and how to use workshop norms.
  • Describe the various roles and why each is important.
  • Describe the components of preparation.
  • Take back strategies for “how to” fit facilitation skills into their job.
  • Develop Active Listening skills for effective communication.
  • Gain insight to handle their fears in front of a group.
  • Let go of the “I”, the ego – the personal stake in the outcome.


Students receive:


  • PDF version of FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills by Gary Rush, IAF CPF
  • A digital class Certificate of Completion and badge that you can share.



Special Thanks

We thank Mr. Scott Zimmerman, Executive Director of The Innovation Center in Richmond, IN, for his support enabling MGRconsulting to film our FoCuSeD™ Introductory Skills On-line class at his center.


The Innovation Center is a community-driven organization that believes in bringing new ideas, devices, and methods into every part of the mission.