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The future requires a Collaborative skill-set. I've been reading about automation, technology, robotics, AI, big data, etc., and I found these emerging trends interesting and useful, but what does this mean for future jobs? Read more...


We recommend that you take FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills and FoCuSeD™ Facilitating People and Conflict prior to taking this class because the classes build on each other.

Class Abstract

This self paced on-line class continues the Process Skills portion of your journey by teaching you “how to” define the seamless integration of process and group dynamics. I also provide you with a number of Problem-Solving agendas to get you started along with a number of process tools, such as prioritizing, responsibility matrices, decision-making amongst others. It covers:


  • “How to” Reach consensus - The Emotional Group Cycle
  • What is a “holistic” process? Components of a FoCuSeD™ Holistic Workshop Process
  • “How to” design a holistic Agenda - The Raw Process Steps
  • “How to” incorporate appropriate people and process tools into the Agenda design.
  • “How to” effectively prepare for the workshop/meeting.
  • “How to” build an Annotated Agenda. What it does.
  • “How to” use various Process Tools.


This on-line class is designed so that students will be able to:


  • Know “how to” design a workshop/meeting Agenda following the parallel process design concept of FoCuSeD™.
  • Know “how to” move a group to consensus.
  • Know the components of a FoCuSeD™ Holistic Workshop Process.
  • Know “how to” effectively facilitate the workshop/meeting.
  • Know when and why to incorporate the appropriate people or process tools into the Agenda design.
  • Know “how to” build an Annotated Agenda.
  • Know “how to” and when to use various Process Tools.
  • Know the steps to Problem Solving.


Students receive:


  • PDF version of FoCuSeD™ Holistic Process Design - Problem-Solving by Gary Rush, IAF CPF
  • A digital class Certificate of Completion and a badge that you can share.