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The future requires a Collaborative skill-set. I've been reading about automation, technology, robotics, AI, big data, etc., and I found these emerging trends interesting and useful, but what does this mean for future jobs? Read more...


We recommend that you take FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills and FoCuSeD™ Facilitating People and Conflict prior to taking this class because the classes build on each other.

Class Abstract

This self paced on-line class continues the Process Skills portion of your journey by teaching you “how to” design effective workshop and meeting processes that seamlessly incorporate the people tools to enhance team performance. I also provide you with a number of Problem-Solving agendas to get you started along with a number of process tools, such as prioritizing, responsibility matrices, decision-making amongst others. It covers:


  • “How to” Reach consensus – The Emotional Group Cycle
  • What is a “holistic” process? Components of a FoCuSeD™ Holistic Workshop Process
  • “How to” design a holistic Agenda. The Raw Process Steps
  • “How to” incorporate appropriate people and process tools into the Agenda design.
  • “How to” effectively prepare for the workshop/meeting.
  • “How to” build an Annotated Agenda. What it does.
  • “How to” use various Process Tools.


This on-line class is designed so that students will be able to:


  • Know “how to” design a workshop/meeting Agenda following the parallel process design concept of FoCuSeD™.
  • Know “how to” move a group to consensus.
  • Know the components of a FoCuSeD™ Holistic Workshop Process.
  • Know “how to” effectively facilitate the workshop/meeting.
  • Know when and why to incorporate the appropriate people or process tools into the Agenda design.
  • Know “how to” build an Annotated Agenda.
  • Know “how to” and when to use various Process Tools.
  • Know the steps to Problem Solving


Students receive:


  • PDF version of FoCuSeD™ Holistic Process Design - Problem-Solving by Gary Rush, IAF CPF
  • A digital class Certificate of Completion and a badge that you can share.


This class is coming soon. Stay tuned...