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Al Rush has experience in Facilitation. He has received extensive training in FAST and FoCuSeD™ facilitation by Gary Rush, IAF CPF. His concentration in the arts and Facilitator background bring new perspective and ideas to MGR consulting. He is working to produce our FoCuSeD™ books in electronic format.


Al also completed the literary work, “A Little Thought Book – 88 Keys of Consciousness” published by Professional Misfits, Inc., released both in digital and physical media.



Al is an excellent communicator, is highly organized, has attention to detail, is a critical thinker, and a self-starter.

  • Al has a Bachelors of Science from Excelsior College. He studied at California College of The Arts.
  • He completed the FAST Session Leader Workshop by Gary Rush, IAF CPF in 1998.
  • He completed The FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Academy in 2009.
  • Al is a member of the IAF Chicago Chapter.

He has facilitated workshops for:


  • MGR consulting - clients include:
    • Mars, Inc.

  • Chicago Friends of the Parks Security Summit - assisted Sean Rush in facilitating the workshop.