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The Unabridged History of "MG Rush Performance Learning now MG Rush Facilitation & Coaching" and "MG Rush Systems now MGR Consulting & Gary Rush Facilitation"


“The Internet plays a big part in the life of a modern human being. People rely on the internet for their education, trade, socialization and entertainment; among many other important aspects of human life.” – reference.com. However, it also facilitates false, misleading, fraudulent information – there is nothing that ensures that what is said or posted on a company website, blog, LinkedIn bio or business, or other media is accurate or true. I want to share my company history to clarify confusion. You may ask “why now?”. Believe me, “I’ve been trying since 2005, to no avail. I don’t mind competing on equal ground, but I do mind competing against myself.

In 1985, I founded MG Rush Systems, Inc., created and developed my own structured facilitation technique – FASTFacilitation Application Specification Technique and became widely recognized as a leader in the movement towards structured facilitation, transforming the facilitation industry. I wrote a facilitation “how to” manual – The FAST Session Leader Reference Manual – and developed training on “how to” be a Facilitator – FAST Session Leader Workshop class. While writing the manual, I wrote an article for Computerworld “A FAST Way to Define System Requirements”, describing the different variations of JAD.


In 2004, I sold to Morgan Madison & Co. the non-exclusive rights to reproduce the FAST and FORM class materials and use them to provide The FAST Session Leader Workshop class – subject to royalties from 2004 – 2009. I signed an addendum that provided Kevin Booth, Founder, and Terrence Metz – 1999 FAST Session Leader Workshop class alumnus, the exclusive use of “MG Rush” identity – name, logo, internet domain, client and prospect client list, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. I transferred my facilitation know how to Terrence Metz to provide FAST public and in-house Facilitator training as of June 2004 as “MG Rush Performance Learning” a division of Morgan Madison & Co. (not affiliated with Gary Rush, IAF CPF).


“The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Terrence Metz (brother-in-law) asked me for permission for the exclusive use of the "MG Rush" identity (“Identity” is a combination of color schemes, designs, etc. that a firm employs to make a visual statement about itself to communicate its philosophy) including but not limited to the logo, internet domain, client list and FAST newsletters written by me (“including but not limited to”, I quote, “…courts have proved willing to consider that “including” or “includes” is restrictive even when modified by “but not limited to” – Ken Adams, Specialist in Contract Language and Contract Automation) to jump start their business. I consented in good faith and signed an “addendum” written by Terrence to that fact, not a “sales agreement” – it did not constitute a sale, transfer, or acquisition of MG Rush Systems – the company or my name “Gary Rush, or achievements of either; and I never consented to him claiming to be in business since 1985.”

The above stated “addendum” was attached to the non-exclusive sold rights to reproduce the FAST and FORM class materials and use them to provide The FAST Session Leader Workshop class. In this instance, in reference to the "MG Rush" identity, only what was listed – name, logo, domain, client list, and newsletters – is to what I consented. If Morgan Madison & Co. had acquired “MG Rush" in 2004, then asking permission to use the identity would have been moot.


In 2004, I ceased operations of MG Rush Systems now MGR Consulting and left the U.S. to pursue Millie’s and my dream of becoming a restaurateur – MG Rush dba Miracles Restaurant in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. After a one-year absence, I returned to consulting to continue my legacy as a recognized leader in the field of Structured Facilitation and Facilitator Training, changing my company name from MG Rush Systems to MGR Consulting. I updated my FAST class materials and began teaching – The FAST Facilitator Workshop class (a proprietary technique developed by me) as MGR Consulting.


In 2007, I created FoCuSeD™ facilitation and the FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Academy – 1st Holistic Facilitation Technique. I became the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Incoming Chair and from 2008 – 2011, I chaired the IAF.


In 2007, Kevin Booth, Owner and Founder of Morgan Madison & Co. aka MG Rush Performance Learning, registered the name “MG Rush Systems” and assumed the name “MG Rush”. In 2015, Terrence Metz and Lorijo Metz bought Morgan Madison & Co. from owner Kevin Booth. In 2016, they dropped the name “MG Rush Systems” and assumed the name “MG Rush” – not associated or affiliated with me – now named MGR Consulting.


I’ve spent 30+ years of my life’s work developing my facilitation technique and Facilitator Training business, reputation, and achievements and I hope this helps clarify the confusion that exists between “Terrence Metz and Lorijo Metz now owners of Morgan Madison & Co. (assumed name: MG Rush and MG Rush Facilitation)” and “Gary Rush” of MGR Consulting. Two separate companies with different business ethics.


As I stated earlier, the Internet plays a big part in the life of a modern human being, but it also facilitates false, misleading fraudulent information. Thank you for understanding. logo