“What is a Group Facilitator and why should I care?”

“Our classes will give you the skills to work with a group of people to produce better results.”

Hi, I’m Gary Rush and I’m a Group Facilitator and Facilitator trainer. I’m also an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator. For the past 32+ years I’ve trained thousands of people from 18 countries “how to” do my job making a difference in their careers. Like me, many have gone on to become IAF Certified Professional Facilitators (CPFs) – receiving professional recognition that provides them with a competitive edge. Others have gone on to become CEOs, CIOs, and entrepreneurs attributing much of their success to the skills learned in my group facilitator classes saving their organizations hundreds of millions of dollars by enabling people to be more engaged and more creative.

But enough about me… I’m here to introduce you to my new FoCuSeD™ group facilitator skills online classes. These are the most important skills to develop in the 21st Century.

So, by now, you may be asking yourself, “What is a Group Facilitator and why should I care?” Group Facilitators are those who are able to guide people to work together, reach consensus, and produce better ideas. The skills gained in my classes are invaluable to you no matter what you do in business and in life.

When I began, group facilitation was a specialized skill-set. Today, there’s a shift – this specialized skill-set is increasingly being included as a core competency in many job roles because, through facilitation, people develop better ideas that benefit the whole – it brings people together to accomplish good work. Group facilitation skills – is a skill-set that cannot be outsourced and it’s easily transferrable from one job role or business to another.

Today, I also teach, and will continue teaching, group facilitation skills in my 5-day public class – FoCuSeD™ Facilitator Academy because I believe in face-to-face training, which affords students with the opportunity to interact with others, practice, and receive feedback. It does make a difference.

However, I also realize that traveling to my FoCuSeD™ public class can be difficult due to travel costs and travel restrictions. It’s also difficult for people to devote five days away from their job. So, we, at MGR Consulting, Inc., have decided to bring our FoCuSeD™ training to you via self-paced online group facilitation classes.

All classes are now available.  Click here to view classes.

Our first online class is – FoCuSeD™ Introductory Facilitation Skills. This class develops the foundational group facilitation skills to get you started. I cover “how to” prepare for, facilitate, and close a meeting or workshop. I also cover basic people skills, such as presentation skills, communication skills, active listening – which is the most important skill to facilitate effective communication, questioning, “how to” stay neutral, amongst others to enable you to begin your journey towards an effective group facilitator and a successful career.

Our second online class – FoCuSeD™ Facilitating People and Conflict – continues the People Skills portion of your journey by teaching you “how to” deal with difficult people and help them become productive contributors. I will teach you “how to” form a group into a team by understanding diversity, culture, paradigms, team characteristics, and team evolution. I will also provide you with numerous people tools to help enhance the functioning of the group, improve creativity, and stimulate new ways of thinking, such as brainstorming, affinity diagramming, team-building, creativity breaks, amongst others.

Our third online class – FoCuSeD™ Holistic Facilitation Process Design – continues the Process Skills portion of your journey by teaching you “how to” design effective workshop and meeting processes that seamlessly incorporate the people tools to enhance team performance. I also provide you with a number of Problem-Solving agendas to get you started along with a number of process tools, such as prioritizing, responsibility matrices, decision-making amongst others.

All three of our FoCuSeD™ online group facilitation classes come with a PDF book designed for reference that you can use throughout your career. We also provide you with a digital class Certificate of Completion.

“Our classes will give you the skills to work with a group of people to produce better results.” Make a difference in your career and in life! Register now at http://www.onlinecourses.mgrconsulting.com.