Paradigms – Challenge and Be Creative – “Headlines”

This PET challenges paradigms and is very useful in describing complex concepts.  An analogous way to help people express complex issues in a non-threatening manner.  Note: This can also be used to develop Visions, Goals, or anything that is complicated to express.
  • To express complex issues in a non-threatening manner.
  • To enable people to describe complex concepts.

Do the following:

    • Break the group into small groups of 4 people each.
    • Explain the rules:
      • Each small group has 20 minutes to create the headline they would like to see on the front cover of “X” (the periodical you selected in preparation) 20 years from now.
      • Write the lead paragraph behind the headline.
      • Write these on flip chart paper – give them markers.
  • Watch what they are doing – they may have questions – ensure that they are clear.
  • After 20 minutes, reconvene the small groups.  Ask each small group to read out their headline.  Capture key ideas and key words used, ensuring that they key are the ones that they want you to capture.
  • Once done, see if one of the headlines stands out to the group.  If so, start with that and incorporate the key ideas and words from the others.  If not, start fresh until the group likes a headline.
    Note: Capture, in bullet points, the key ideas and key words that explain it.  Do not worry about word-smithing the headline.
  • Summarize.

Debriefing Questions:

  • “What patterns or ideas do you see in the headlines?”
  • “What are the headlines telling you?”
  • “How will you use this in the rest of the meeting?”

Author: Gary Rush

Gary Rush, IAF CPF is Founder & CEO of MGR Consulting since 1985 becoming a leading facilitator and facilitator trainer creating his own facilitation technique - FAST revolutionizing it with FoCuSeD™ - a unique approach to structured facilitation transforming the facilitation industry. He has trained thousands of people from more than 18 countries, and has delivered his structured facilitation class in 8 countries within North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. His students have gone on to become CEOs and CIOs, crediting their success to the people and process skills gained in his facilitator training classes. He has written numerous “how to” books covering facilitation, collaborative leadership, strategic planning, data modeling, etc. During a hiatus from consulting, Gary owned and was "Chef" of a highly acclaimed restaurant in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico – MG Rush dba Mirácles Restaurant. Gary has facilitated significant workshops including the first strategic plan for the combined EDS/GM organization. He facilitated Star Alliance where they identified that in-flight Wi-Fi was possible – a critical service offering on airlines today. He facilitated and trained Texas Joint Military Forces in Strategic Planning, creating their 2035 Strategic Plan. Reviewing this 4-page plan, the length of the U.S. Constitution, is now part of their monthly meetings – something they were unable to do previously. He is an IAF CPF Assessor and former IAF Chair. Gary also formed and led the IAF Chicago Chapter, the second IAF chapter to be established in the U.S. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. He holds a BS from Excelsior College.

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