Paradigms – Challenge and Be Creative – “Circle Variation”

“Circle Variation” helps people recognize that they have paradigms that constrain their ability to solve problems.  Note: This PET has been adapted from Interactive Strategies for Improving Performance, by Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Tracy Tagliati, Matthew Richter, and Raja Thiagarajan.  It is from a “Jolt” called, Don’t Lift the Pen.
  • To recognize that paradigms exist. 
Do the following:
  • Draw the following picture on flip chart paper:paradigms-one
    • Challenge the people to draw a similar picture on a piece of paper, but they must do it without lifting their pen and without retracing any lines.
    • Give them 2 minutes to solve the problem.  Watch what they do as they struggle to solve the problem.  If some people do solve it, acknowledge their solution, but don’t share it with the others.
  • After 2 minutes, call time, share the solution, and debrief the people.  The solution:paradigms-two
Debriefing Questions:
  • “What challenges did you encounter?”
  • “What paradigms did you encounter?”
  • “How might this help with the issue at hand?”